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Value creation
Cash Flow Echo

Assets vs Liabilities

  What’s an Asset? An asset is anything that adds to your  money supply. It is anything that makes the numbers in your accounts go

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Value creation
Cash Flow Echo

How to make more money

Risk and Responsibility Have you ever wondered why you don’t make more money than you currently bring in? You work really hard and yet you

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Change your perspective

In order to achieve your maximum potential, you must always be growing. Once you learn the principles of financial mastery, you will see the world in a brighter light. Stay tuned as we teach the knowledge required to live a life beyond your wildest dreams installment loans with bad credit no faxing!

Determination of sensitivity to parameter variation In this chapter, the term parameter represents any variable or factor for which an estimated or determined value is necessary. Examples of parameters are initial cost, salvage value, COA, estimated life, production rate, material costs, and so on. Estimates such as the interest rate on loans and the inflation rate are also parameters of the analysis. Economic analysis uses estimates of future values ​​of a parameter to help decision makers. As future estimates always have some degree of error, there is imprecision in economic projections. The effect of variation can be determined by sensitivity analysis. Sensitivity analysis determines how a value measurement —VP, VA, VF, TR, B / C, or RCE— is altered when one or more parameters vary within a certain range of values. Usually one parameter is varied at a time, and it is assumed that there is independence from other parameters.


Master new skills

Now more than ever it is wise to build new skills and to master them. If you want to become successful you must find ways to help people solve their problems. By doing this you learn to create value for a large amount of people. Are you ready to achieve greatness? Follow us and start your transformation to become a value generating machine!


Create passive income

Are you ready to live the life you've always wanted? I will show you how to build and maintain multiple streams of passive income. You can use the passive income to supplement your current income and even surpass it. You could even retire many years before you planned. Read on and I'll show you how.

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